About Us

Gun Gear Depot is an online retailer that specialises in high quality gun parts and accessories for shooters who want the best bang for their buck. Based in Wilmington, DE and founded in 2021, we are disrupting the industry for gun parts and accessories, providing the best, no bullshit deals to shooters using our 20 years of gear sourcing knowledge. 

My name is Peter and I started Gun Gear Depot with my old friend Ken. We are two Austin born and bred entrepreneurs who have had a strong passion and knowledge about all things guns since our teen years when we got our first guns (mine was a Smith and Wesson 686). This love and knowledge of guns continued to grow when I enlisted in the Marine Corps at 21, where I met Ken. After leaving the Marines, Ken and I worked as stock buyers for different firearms brands. We were tasked with sourcing high quality gun parts and accessories from manufacturers. We learned that many brands in our industry buy from the same factories and manufacturers, but simply rebrand products to sell at higher prices. This is where we spotted an opportunity! We realised that we could buy these same products from the same factories, but keep them with their original branding. We could then supply the average American gun-lover with the reasonably priced and quality gear that you deserve.

We have grown quickly, and in the last year we have built a team of 20 like-minded gun experts to help us source the best value parts and accessories and manage our operations. The team is united on one goal: to provide an excellent service to our customers and provide them with the products they want and need at the best available price. With a fast growing catalog of now 7,000 products, we hope to continue our mission and to supply American shooters in as many states as possible and for a huge range of parts and accessories! 

Why should you buy with us? Our expert team is experienced in dealing with both new shooters and veterans of the sport, and we are well-equipped to answer all of your technical questions, give you the best price for your gear and provide you with excellent shipping and customer service. We are more than just a retailer, we help customers make educated buying decisions and provide real-time discounts and deals. We also do giveaways and freebies, so stick around!

We hope to one day be a household name, so join us on our mission and shop with us today! 🇺🇸