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The Ultimate Mossberg 930 Shotgun Upgrade Guide for 2022

There are few firearms that can match the raw power of a semi-automatic shotgun. The difficulty arises when shooters discover that high-quality models are often prohibitively expensive and require extensive break-in.

How can this be resolved? Find a reliable, inexpensive automatic shotgun with extensive aftermarket support and customize it to fit your needs. Here we are going to look at a competition-ready 12-gauge semi-auto shotgun built on Mossberg's standard 930 action. As it stands, the 930 is not quite up to the standards of shooters seeking an all-in-one solution to their shotgun needs.

The good news is that with a few upgrades, shooters can own an excellent shotgun on par with other brands' offerings for less than $3,000.


Advanced Technology T3 Stock 

The first upgrade we are going to look at is a controversial one, at least on Mossberg shotguns: Advanced Technology T3 Shotgun Stock. Mossberg shotguns don't play well with pistol grip stocks the way Remington shotguns do. There is a problem with them not because they don't work, but because the safety of the Mossberg is at an odd location.

Safety buttons on other shotguns are located on the trigger guard. When the safety is engaged or disengaged from this location, the shooter does not have to adjust their shooting grip. The Mossberg safety is located along the tang which is an ideal location for use with traditional stocks. Shooters can toggle these by shifting their thumb to the top of the tang with their shooting hand.

The tang safety requires removing the shooting hand entirely from the pistol grip when coupled with a pistol grip. There is no major concern here, but it's worth being aware of. Fortunately, the many advantages of the T3 stocks far outweigh the ergonomic issues associated with its safety location.

The pad effectively reduces the weighty felt recoil of full-power defensive ammo like 12 gauge 00 Buck. Shooters with a bladed fighter's stance can better deal with the gun's recoil with a reduced LOP. The balance is also shifted back in favor of the shooter, allowing for easier one-handed manipulation.

Furthermore, the pistol grip works well in interior spaces, freeing up your support hand to toggle light switches, and the Advanced Technology T3 Stock includes multiple rear sling mounts, a comb-adjustable cheek rest, and a comb-adjustable cheek rest.

Us Optics DRS 2.0 Reflex Sight Enhanced

Putting a reflex sight on a competition gun might bring you into the more challenging unlimited division. Shooters, however, may find that it gives them an edge over armed intruders in a home defense scenario. In today's market, there are so many red dots and holosights to choose from that it can be overwhelming.

Despite having a myriad of optics to fit this description on the market, very few are reliable and affordable. Therefore we decided to go for the Us Optics DRS 2.0 Reflex Sight Enhanced is a fairly new company based in Kalispell Montana with many great reviews. 

Normally, having an optic this small and low can be a pain to use on rifles and carbines. On a shotgun, it's a different story.

Since shotgun bead sights have a low profile, the Us Optics DRS 2.0 Enhanced is a great match for the Mossberg 930. Therefore, even shooters who use the standard comb height on their 930 with factory furniture can use the optic without issue. Combined with its impressive 2-3 year battery life from a single CR2032, shooters will never have to worry about a dead optic in a critical moment.

Gg&g Enhanced Charging Handle

Here we have the Enhanced Charging Handle - and by enhanced, GG&G means enlarged.

With a larger charging handle, extracting jammed rounds becomes infinitely easier since the shooter has a greater perch for their hand. Furthermore, the aggressive knurled exterior of the handle provides shooters with a better grip than most factory 930 handles.

While the Gg&g Enahnced Charging Handle can be rough on the hands, shooters with oily or sweaty hands are still able to grip the handle securely to charge or clear malfunctions. It is made from phosphate-coated 4140 ordnance steel that has been heat treated to Rockwell 45 C. Should a shooter manage to break one, they only achieved this by intentionally doing it.

It is simple to install the handle and does not require any modification to the handle itself or the host shotgun. The steel handle is also as light as a factory handle, and it's more durable than the factory handle. If you plan to compete with a 930, this handle is a must.

Mesa Mag Clamp W- Rail 

I'm sure you're wondering what a magazine clamp is and why anyone would want one. Mesa Tactical's Mag Clamp doesn't seem like much based on its name, but what it brings to the shotgun is truly valuable.

Often, 930s with extended tubes come with the stock clamp. This steel Magazine Clamp replaces this. The original clamp is designed to keep the tube parallel to the barrel and prevent it from bending or becoming misaligned. In cases where the magazine tube of the shotgun extends past the shooter's muzzle, extra flex can cause the shotgun to blow its own magazine off.

What is the point of replacing the existing one?

Mezza's clamp does more than simply act as a clamp. Additionally, it includes ambidextrous quick-detach sling mounts and two Picatinny rail segments. Occasionally, shooters need to pick up small children or startled pets with both hands free.

Its most important role, however, is that of a light mount.

Streamlight Tlr-1 Hl 800 Lumen Black

While the brighter version Streamlight Tlr-1 Hl 800 black series releases 1000 lumens past 309 yards, there is also a cheaper version that shines at 75 yards but only at $30 less, so you may prefer the brighter version. This concentrates and directs the light's hotspot, allowing it to function as both an illuminator and makeshift aiming device.

A tactical light's greatest benefit is its ability to identify targets. Despite the overstatement by those opposed to private firearm ownership, friendly fire remains a very dangerous possibility. Additionally, if a shooter intends to follow the four rules of safety, verifying a target is essential.

Nordic Components MXT Modular Magazine Tube Extension

Shotguns are extremely powerful weapons. There is nothing more powerful in close-quarters combat than a 12-gauge shotgun loaded with buckshot or slugs. It can be difficult to keep shotgun magazines full of fresh ammunition.

It is always easier and better to increase the capability of the firearm by increasing its internal capacity instead of adding bandoliers, shell carriers, and side saddles. 

A better solution is a Nordic Components +7 MXT Magazine Tube Extension. With this tube, the 930's internal capacity is increased to staggering 12 rounds of 2 and 3/4" shells, and shooters can choose between shorter or longer options depending on their personal needs or state regulations.


Gg&g Mossberg 930 Magazine Follower

GG&G's expertly-made Magazine follower is an upgrade that you will become accustomed to for the 930 series.

Its bright red anodized aluminum finish is what we like best about the puck. As a result, it is easy to identify an empty magazine tube because of the color. Additionally, defensive users will benefit from the bright color, while more pragmatic users who prefer tactile confirmation over visual will appreciate the way the follower feels different from a shotgun shell.

Mesa Sureshell 6-12 Guage Aluminium Carrier 

The most challenging part of running a shotgun in a competition is keeping it fed. Compared to rifles fed from magazines, shotguns hold dramatically fewer rounds. Additionally, the size of these rounds makes stuffing some into a pocket cumbersome, and their tendency to move while in said pockets means having to reorient them after retrieving them.

Keeping a few in a Mesa Sures hell Carrier Moss 930 6-12ga attached to the shotgun is a better solution. Mainly because it ensures that spare rounds are always close to the firearm. However, there is one small problem with running a 930 with a side saddle. It can affect reliability.

When the screws that replace the roll pins that run through the receiver are overtightened, the action can bind. Fortunately, there is a solution which is relatively straightforward - add a spring coil between the screw head on the left side of the receiver and the washer that makes direct contact with said receiver. Thus, the screws are prevented from being overtightened, from loosening during recoil, and from exerting too much force on any part of the receiver's sidewalls.

Shooters should practice their desired defensive shells before committing to a setup, and jog with a few in the carrier. Make adjustments as needed.


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