Brazilian Gun Company Becomes Market Leader In The U.S.

Brazilian Gun Company Becomes Market Leader In The U.S.

Forjas Taurus is one of the most unconventional brands when it comes to weapon manufacturers. The first place I think of when considering foreign arms is Italy, Germany, and even France. Taurus cleverly included Brazil on the list. Since its founding in the late 1930s, the Brazilian conglomerate has expanded to produce metals, construction equipment, body armor, and plastics in addition to firearms.

Taurus started out as a modest company in 1941, but has since expanded to become a global phenomenon. Since their introduction into the weapons industry with a simple revolver, they have expanded greatly to offer dozens of different pistols, revolvers, and rifles in their catalog.

It all began in a small factory in Porto Alegre, Brazil, which is now one of the largest small arms manufacturers worldwide. 

Taurus Firearms Company History

In 1939, Taurus debuted on the weapons market, and by 1941 had already released their first gun. Although progress was slow in the beginning, all that changed 30 years later when they scored a huge deal with Smith & Wesson.

Taurus was acquired by the American company in the early 1970s, which enabled the established gun makers to form a new partnership with the newcomers from South America. Despite the partnership lasting only 7 years, the information, technology, designs, and ideas shared between them had an everlasting impact on the gunmaker.

The classic Italian firearms manufacturer Beretta partnered with Forjas Taurus after a few years. The Brazilian Army awarded Beretta a contract to supply weapons to the Brazilian military, as part of the agreement the company built a new plant there and hired Brazilians to work in the factory. 

As soon as Beretta's contract expired, Taurus decided to purchase the plant from them. This was a huge deal for them, because the new factory brought along some highly experienced workers and plenty of machinery, production processes and blueprints from Beretta.

Berette M9 Pistol

In the following year, they introduced the Beretta 92 and PT-99 pistols, based on the Beretta 92 pistols, but with various modifications and improvements. As they realized the potential of the international market, they decided to establish Taurus Holding, Inc., in Miami, Florida. Taking this step not only increased their revenue but also enabled them to gain international recognition.

Despite their excellent products, it wasn't easy to convince buyers to pick them over manufacturers with more established reputations, like Ruger, S&W or Beretta. Despite this they realised they needed to take bold steps in order to achieve greatness firearms manufacturing industry. As a part of the bold move, Taurus was the first gun manufacturer to offer lifetime maintenance and warranties for free to their customers. As a result, their recognition and trust in the U.S. market increased significantly.

Before the turn of the century, they purchased the rights to manufacture Rossi revolvers. This contract propelled Taurus to prominence since Rossi was Brazil's largest weapons manufacturer before Taurus. Taurus continues to manufacture Rossi handguns to this day. After all their hard work, they quickly received the appreciation they deserved. The Brazilian company has won dozens of prestigious awards in the past two decades. Among their major accomplishments are being named a finalist three times (presented by SFMA) and receiving the Shooting Industry Award for distinguished service to the firearms industry.


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