Best Remington 870 upgrades for 2022

Best Remington 870 upgrades for 2022

A novice gun owner might not be aware of how many Remington 870 upgrades and accessories are available. If possible, you should take advantage of these upgrades rather than staying with the factory version of your shotgun, as they can improve your accuracy while making shooting more enjoyable.


Surefire M640v Tactical Flashlight for Shotgun

Adding a tactical flashlight is one of the most essential upgrades you can make to a tactical or home defense shotgun. Most firearms instructors recommend that their students mount a tactical flashlight on their shotguns.

As a general rule, the term "tactical" is associated with law enforcement or the military because it refers to upgrades that benefit their particular work. Nevertheless, you can purchase a tactical flashlight upgrade if you're a private shotgun owner. It should be obvious that a tactical flashlight is useful. This will certainly come in handy if you are frequently using your shotgun in dark terrains or in environments where you need a light at your side. Because you need both hands on your shotgun while you point it, the only way to shine a light is to attach a flashlight to it. Thus, the light will be directed in whichever direction your shotgun is pointed. Having a clear view of your target helps you avoid accidental shootings and for navigational purposes.

Our recommendation is the Surefire M640v Scout Pro Vampire, which is on the more expensive end of the spectrum, but totally worth it since it has insane infrared capabilities. The new Low-Profile Mount (LPM) from SureFire offers unprecedented versatility, allowing the user to optimize the light's position to the rail. The LPM can be easily and securely mounted to any rail that meets MIL-STD-1913 or M-LOK specifications. The Scout Light Pro IR uses two 123A lithium batteries to produce 350 lumens of white light and 120 mW of IR light.

Magpul SGA Stock

A lot of flexibility is packed into a small package with the Magpul SGA pump. It features an ergonomic design with an angled front portion that acts as a handguard. Since it's small and thin, it's comfortable to hold. In addition, the pump incorporates a number of M-LOK slots. The M-LOK slots on the pump allow you to attach rails or accessories seamlessly. You can add gear only where you need it with M-LOK slots. Adding accessories where it's most practical for you is made possible by this level of modularity.

In the debate over pistol grips versus straight stock on shotguns, the stock is the decisive factor. The Magpul SGA stock provides an ideal balance between the two. To begin with, you have the natural pointability that a traditional stock provides. You can swing the gun quickly between targets. Besides allowing you to handle the weapon with one hand, the SGA stock provides a comfortable pistol grip that gives you the control you desire from a pistol grip.

Ergo 870 Stock Adapter

When the Magpul SGA stock is out of your price range or you want to use an existing AR-15 stock on your shotgun, the Ergo 870 stock adapter is a quick and simple way to add an AR-15 stock and grip. You can add an adjustable stock to your gun with ease by using the Ergo adapter. 

You can choose exactly what type of stock you want, and the adapter is simple to install on your gun. Within about five minutes, it can be added, and you can then follow up with any six position AR 15 tube. Moreover, if you are using a Tac 14, you can add the brace you've always wanted. Adding a brace to a Tac 14 870 is legal and quite common.

The Ergo stock adapter is so simple and so rugged that it's a great complement to any 870 if you want to mimic AR 15 stocks and grips on your gun. What else could you possibly need? It's affordable, easy to install, and simple to use.

The Sureshell Side Saddle

True combat shotguns have side saddles. Side saddles are devices that attach to shotgun receivers and store extra rounds. In general, shotguns and the Remington 870 have a low ammo capacity. The side saddle allows you to reload quickly once you start shooting. As a home defense tool, they are a must-have since it is unlikely you will be able to strap on your tactical gear if it's loaded with ammunition.

There are dozens of side saddles out there, so how would you decide between them? Our favorite thing about the Sureshell side saddle is that it provides six extra rounds of ammunition. There aren't many saddles on the market with such a large capacity. The Sureshell Side saddle is made from 6061-T6 aircraft aluminium. 

For home defense and duty use, there are a multitude of ammo options available for shotguns. The conventional way to load shotgun ammunition in a side saddle is to load various rounds in different directions. So buckshot can stand upright, and slugs can be turned upside down. In this way, shooters can differentiate between their various loads instantly. 

A well-made and extremely durable ammo carrier, the Sureshell side saddle. This mounting bracket is built to last, and it fits perfectly on the Remington 870. The Sidesaddle system is essential for any dangerous defensive shotgun.

A-Zoom Precision Snap Caps

Although Snap Caps are an accessory more than an upgrade, they are essential for firearms training. These dummy ammunitions are made from aluminum that has been anodized. Their blue color makes them easy to distinguish from live ammunition. Designed to mimic shotgun ammo to a fault, they function flawlessly in any pump or semi-auto shotgun.

This incredibly sturdy and long-lasting cap is made by Zoom Precision. Snap Caps can be used repeatedly for training, loading, and reloading. 

These are perfect for reloading drills in particular. As shotguns have a limited capacity, knowing how to reload is an essential skill. You can use these shells to work speed reloads off the side saddle so you can keep your gun in the fight.

Adjustable Bandolier Sling

Many people view gun slings as fancy accessories attached to shotguns. We know, however, that this is not necessarily true, so here are some reasons why we believe they are valuable:

Smooth transitions between weapons. For most gun owners, switching between firearms is a norm. A sling attached to your shotgun allows you to switch weapons easily during battles or hunts.

The ability to react quickly to dangers at home. Armed soldiers are always prepared to react quickly to unexpected situations. Gun owners are no exception to this rule. In addition, you can use your shoulder-slung shotgun to take down home burglars quickly. 

Keeping your shoulders from straining. The average shotgun weighs between six and nine pounds. With that being said, there are several drawbacks to holding a shotgun for long periods of time. These include sluggish movements and shoulder strain. Furthermore, slings make carrying shotguns easier and prevent injury to your shoulders.

In an effort to keep your shotgun looking as badass as possible, we recommend this cool sling from our own brand. It's an adjustable sling that holds up to 15 extra shotgun shells, so you will never run out of shots. Durable steel spring hooks allow it to be attached to most standard sling swivels. It can also be adjusted for different lengths up to 59 inches.


GG&G Scope Mount

If you want an optic that is not drilled and tapped for your Remington 870, this is a must-have.

This fix can be applied to guns without the option of mounting a red dot, whether you are turkey hunting, deer hunting with slugs or mounting a red dot for home defense. Although it says it fits the Mossberg 930, it is also compatible with the Remington 870 and similar shotguns.


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